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WRONGED I WAS WITH MY PREJUDICE about film scripts on India and Pakistan, till I actually heard the Premise of this story for the first time.


I knew that inevitably this story would pave its way to the big screen, so why not I be the lucky one? And it happened so. The script was developed to perfection and then came in the dialogues to give our Principal characters an appropriate tonality of a Lahori Indian and a Delhite Pakistani.

While being a film set in 1948, it’s not a saga of partition. Its not about men slaughtering women and children. It’s a witty take on the Indo-Pak irony; the core story of the film is a complete work of fiction and has an entertaining cinematic canvas.

With a very non-chalant, light-hearted approach this film will touch some never before explored underlying emotions of culturally similar humans living across the borders

With a natural flow of thrill, drama & emotions the film promises some ticklish moments of human connection in circumstances that are rare to come across, yet, makes you sit back and think once you are done watching.

The characterisation, the screenplay and most importantly the dialogues, for once shall leave u with a completly different impression of that person across the border you might come across one day!

To sum up this post..

KDKL =a Lahori Indian + a Dilliwala Pakistani + their newly found patriotism + being human + survival or not?

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